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Recorded in Summer 2015


released February 10, 2016

PAULINCHEN BRENNT: Christian/Richard/Daniel

Recorded and mixed by Ralf Rossbach

Artwork by Manuel Müller (



all rights reserved




Chaotic, hard hittin' three-piece from Nuremberg/Leipzig, Germany

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Track Name: The fish that can't be caught
You're pregnant!
That's witchcraft!
I don't give a damn 'bout what this bitch might say.
You're pregnant?
That's witchcraft!

Well, he was born a virgin birth.
He died upon the cross and shed his blood to pay for your sins.
So if you simply speak his name out loud, you can be saved and born again right now.

He shrinks lonesome into a corpse made of hidden trees and all people praise him, yet they're impressed by his obstacles and wounds. Let's hail the fish that can't be caught.
He swims, visible for everyone on watercourse, but his people don't have a clue what goes on in rivers, lakes and seas. Let's hail.
Track Name: Michael Pooter
Your god is not here, nor will he ever be!
Now give me some more and trim my bangs you *beep*!
I left some words out.
Quote incomplete.

Came in for treatment,
liquored up on cheap whiskey as usual;
that time was crucial.
She's speaking in tongues,
666 on her scalp,
asked god to protect,
rose up of her chair.
Floated three feet above the ground.
Vicious sounds.

(Watched him with her scariest eyes. The devil's eyes)

Confronted about it, she told him she would eat all his children if he ever told anyone.

Michael Pooter won't cut that lady's hair anymore!
Track Name: Oberon, Titania, Miranda
First I thought it was a comet for several years,
merely to be a damaged tile.
It disappeared shortly after I had boarded a fully-crowded train.

Yet I saw nine inner rings and two outer rings.
Oberon, Titania, Miranda.

Nine inner rings and two outer rings.
Zauber, tu was du willst!
Oberon, Titania, Miranda.
Track Name: Pyramids in Uranium
"Wir hauten ins Weltall ab.
Zu den Wüsten des Monds.
Versanken in ihrem Staub.
Lautlos verreckten manche schon da.

Doch die meisten verkochten in den Bleidämpfen des Merkurs,
lösten sich auf in den Ölpfützen der Venus, und
sogar auf dem Mars fraß uns die Sonne,
donnernd, radioaktiv und gelb.

Jupiter stank.

Saturn bedachten wir mit Flüchen.
Was dann weiter kam, nicht der Rede wert:
Uranus, Neptun graugünlich erfroren.
Über Pluto und Transpluto fielen die letzten unanständigen Witze.
Hatten wir doch längst die Sonne mit Sirius, Sirius mit Kanopus verwechselt.

Abgetrieben, trieben wir in die Tiefen hinauf
einigen weißen Sternen zu,
Die wir gleichwohl nie erreichten,

Längst schon Mumien in unseren Schiffen
Verkrustet von Unrat :
In den Fratzen kein Erinnern mehr
An die atmende Erde."

Maybe they've found pyramids in Uranium?
Objects protruding on the surface of them?

Ok. Alright. Intelligent life on planet earth is such an irresponsible lie.
Track Name: Gold und Schoß
You're the one who understands.
You're the one who cares.
I don't. Don't care.
I won't. I swear.

Don't you waste your mouth to breathe.
Don't you even dare.
I won't. Won't dare.
I don't. I swear.
Get off my back!

Yellow. Crack my spine.

Teenage rampage, almost seems like county jail.
I'm having a seizure dreaming of a mellow yellow cell.
What is the wolfboy howling about?
What makes him howl?
The answer is he's falling apart!
So I figured out I better hurry up and write it down until the moon
eclipses all the light that sunshine left until the afternoon.
In search for the paper sheets, my laundry starts to shake like beats of modern times.
In various forms, this melting heat is starting to bring out the worst in me.
The heated mechanism of this cell just makes me wanna die.
Have you ever tried to cry when dusty air is sucking you dry?
I look for the window.
There's no window, just a window line.
A filthy little bastard with a big ego and the face of mine, yeah.

Gold, yeah.
A filthy little bastard with a big ego and the face of Gold, yeah.
Schoß, yeah.

Und viele werden satt.